Saturday, August 31, 2013

Class of 1973

The class of '73  Wow!

Today at the market 4 women assembled in front of my table.  I heard screaming and saw hugging.

 "What is going on in front of my table."  I thought to myself.  So I approached these women and asked what the ruckus was all about.

One apologized  for blocking my table.

"We're here for our 40th high school reunion,"  another spouted off, and, "I haven't seen her in years!"

Being slow on the uptake, I asked what year they graduated.  1973 was their reply.

1973?  That was the year I graduated from high school.  Has it been forty years?

I overheard one telling the other 3, she had been married for 35 years, her oldest son had given  them a grandchild.  Each shared a little about what they had been doing during those forty years.

It was quite a moment, as I scanned back over the forty years I had been out of high school.

 It has been said that the forties are the old age of one's youth, but the fifties are the youth of old age!  As I observed these women, they were indeed in the youth of their old age! 

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