Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Old Truck

My husbands truck needed to be smogged this week.  He was so proud of this truck.  He bought it at a car auction for $1.00.  He was outbid for the truck he wanted to buy. Walking away dejected, he decided to return to see what other trucks were going for.

When the auctioneer, in frustration after no one was bidding on this truck, exclaimed "Can't I get anyone to give me a dollar for this truck?".

Dollar Truck
Barry said "I'll give you a dollar."

The auctioneer further frustrated said "Sold for one dollar!"

What a coup that was!  All the parts to the motor were in the back of the pickup.  Not only that, there was an electric shaver that actually worked!  There was a ream of computer paper, and numerous other interesting things.  The pickup even had  a metal tool box across the back.  Certainly he did not get burned on that deal!

Barry spent the next afternoon putting the motor back together and drove it home the next day.

That truck served him well.  So in the aftermath of his death, of course, I would keep his dollar truck!

So today I was nervous and saddened when I took his truck to get smogged.  Barry always got his cars to pass smog.  He took pride in them passing.

What did I know about getting a vehicle to pass smog?  Nothing, so I put in a new air filter, put some goober juice in the gas tank to clean the carburetor and the fuel lines.

Guess what?  It didn't pass!

Tears began to flow.  I've never had to deal with this.  I left his truck there for them to find and fix the cause, because I needed it to pass the smog test.  I needed to keep his dollar truck operative!