Monday, November 7, 2011

It Was a Good Week

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I'd changed Murphy's law to Karita's law.  Well last week I changed it back!  Things have a way of reversing itself - if you let it.  It had not been going well.  I couldn't find the paperwork to a van I was selling,  my car failed smog, my water line broke.  Last week went better.

I went to the DMV,  begged mercy, and walked out with the transfer to the van with the title coming in a weeks time.  The buyer of the van emailed me he had been dreaming about the van and still wanted it.  Transaction consummated!

I told you it cost $300.00 to get the car smogged and tags.  But I decided to keep this car.  I just couldn't part with it.  It was my husband's and my date car.  We called her Black Beauty.  Now that I've decided to keep her I feel good!

My daughter and son-in-law went on an extended vacation via Amtrak to New York.  They then rented a car and went to Toronto and Montreal Canada.  I picked them up at the train depot.  I asked my son-in-law if he knew how to fix a broken water pipe.  He said no.  I told him he was going to learn the next day.  I called a friend and asked him to check on him to make sure it was done correctly.  He obliged, and walked Marty through the process.  Marty did an excellent job, the pipe got fixed and he learned a new skill!

I love it when a plan (or things) comes together!

So this week I'm optimistic, and I plan to stay that way!