Sunday, September 27, 2015


A customer stopped by my booth at the farmer's market this past week, and told me I needed to update my blog!  I told him I was thinking I needed to and was going to to.  I'm sure he rolled his eyes thinking sure!
My friend started a blog recently, and I am excited for her. 
Really I had started thinking about my own blog and what a slacker I was since I haven't posted anything since the Birds.  So I goggled the definition:
a person who avoids work or effort.
  1. So maybe I'm not a slacker in the strictest definition of the word, but real close.

    When I first started blogging my husband wondered out loud how I was going to pull it off since as he said I couldn't write myself out of a paper bag, and  it was the planning part that excited me, not the follow through.

    My reaction was I'll show him!

    When I began I had ideas galore (Must have been the wine coolers I was drinking), I had posts, posts, and more posts.  I had projects lined up to tackle.

    But you know what?  Life gets in the way sometimes.  My husband got sick and died which threw me for a loop, and took the I'll show him determination out of it.  I had a household to manage.  I became the principle breadwinner, and stuff kept happening.  Blog ideas popped into my head, only to be lost in the ether.  It's hard writing consistently.  

    I wish my friend well in her entry into blogdom.  I know it is a disciplined endeavor, and I think she is up to it. I am looking forward to following her musings and her day to day escapades.  If you would like to check her blog out, click the link
    Meanwhile, please be patient with me while I get back into the groove!