Sunday, November 4, 2012

Third Best Thing

I excitedly told my friend that my daughter and son-in-law brought me a gift. 
"Guess what they brought me?"  I excitedly asked her.
 "A new car?" she queried, getting excited herself.
"Well no," I replied, "but the next best thing."
"A refrigerator?"  she asked.

"Well no, then the third best thing."  I retorted.

 I had been lamenting how nice it would be to have one, but they are spendy.  Well  bless their hearts,  they presented me with an i pad.

I was so excited, I had to find my glasses to actually see it to believe it!

The thoughtfulness of those two makes me most proud.

 In 2011, both of them lost their fathers, and their grandfathers. They went through what no one, especially  twenty somethings should have to go through. In a world where there are so many takers, they are givers.  I am so  proud of them!

But back to my i pad, I get to figure this thing out!  Apple is known for their simplicity of use, but for me everything seems to be a challenge. We'll see.

I'm going to have fun with my new i pad, even if  it's the third best thing!
See you on face time!