Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Doldrums - How to Beat Them!

Winter is just about 3/4 over.  Or another way to put it is we have about 3 or 4 weeks of Winter left to go.  I think I like the latter better!

Fortunately for us on the west coast, winter has been fairly mild and agreeable, little rain and nice temperatures.  It has been woe, though, for the mid and eastern parts of the country.  I'm sure they will be glad when winter is over!

This time of year, we're tired of the cold dreary weather.  We're tired of having to be indoors. We're anxious, we're anxious, we're anxious!   What can we do then to beat the winter doldrums?  Below are some ideas.

One way is, as I mentioned in one of my last blogs,  have a family game night.  Invite others in on the fun.

Buy some fresh flowers even if you have to buy them at the supermarket!  Nothing lifts the spirits more that a vase of lovely fresh flowers, or a colorful plant!
Take an online course.  There are literally thousands of free courses on the web!  For instance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers about 2000 free lectures, note, exams and videos in undergraduate and graduate subjects!  To see what I mean go to

Reconnect with friends.  Throw a foot soaking party!  Invite friends over to chit chat and crack-alack, and  soak their tired feet.  Karita's Handmade has a foot soaking party kit with everything in it to get the party going!

Do something nice for someone.  A random act of kindness goes a long way.  Bake them something.  Cook them something.  Take them some fresh flowers.  The list  goes on.

There are many other ways to beat the doldrums of Winter.  Be imaginative!  But one thing is certain.  By putting forth an effort, the dark days of Winter will turn into light.  And that light will brighten the  remainder of Winter for someone else!

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