Friday, October 8, 2010

Gold Paint Makes a Buffet (or Filing Cabinet) Look Good

It has been said that paint makes an old barn look good, or paint covers a multitude of sins, whichever.  I know there is truth to that rumor!

My sister has a thing for gold spray paint.  A thrift queen she is with a fetish for buffets painted gold. She believes all things can look good with a couple coats of gold spray paint.  I, at one point asked, “How many buffets does a person need?” Her buffets come and go, but the gold spray paint is a constant.

I have come to appreciate her penchant.  I happened across an old filing cabinet that needed some TLC.  You know what I did?  I got 2 cans of gold spray paint, and painted my filing cabinet.  When my family saw it, they said “Okay Shandra!” But you know what – that gold paint made that filing cabinet look good! And what’s more, most things can look good with a couple of coats of (gold) paint.

Thanks Shandra for turning me on to gold spray paint!

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