Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kindness of Strangers

It was the sixth anniversary of my husband's death.  It fell on a work day, so I went to work.  I was feeling kind of melancholy as I began my work day, thinking about all that had transpired over the last 6 years.  Each of my children was deeply affected by their Dad's death.  I had not realized, until this year, how much grief affects us, how it leaves an imprint on our minds and bodies.  It comes out in various ways, good and bad.

 I guess I was just hyper-sensitive that day.

It began early.  A man, I don't even know if he was a customer of mine or not, brought a large box, set it down and asked me what were these things inside.  As I opened the box it was filled with bulk herbs and exotic flowers.  He told me it was delivered to him, he tried to send it back, to no avail and he wanted to get rid of, so he gave it to me.  

Next, a woman,I don't even know if she was a customer of mine or not, gave me a bouquet of beautiful origami flowers.  She had been taught to make them from a Japanese friend, and had made a bouquet for me and another vendor.  Those beautiful flowers truly lifted my spirits!

After her, a customer gave me a hug for no reason, because they felt like it.

After that hug, a man bought a gift for his wife.  I told him how much, and he added a $5 tip, saying it was worth that much.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I expressed my gratitude to a couple visiting from out of the area, told them what day it was and how my day had been going.  They added to the intrigue by telling me they were specifically told to stop by my table if they came to the market.

Is this weird or what?

To top it off, the coffee I purchased at the market with steamed cream was perfect!

I left work that day feeling tired, but grateful for all the many acts of kindness I received throughout that day.

None of those people will ever know how much their kindness meant to me that particular day. We don't know, or will we ever know, how our kindness affects others.  

Lesson learned: Kindness with a smile is a divine gift that enriches not only ourselves, but others who receive and see it! 

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