Friday, December 3, 2010

Cleaning With Anita Baker

This past weekend I participated in a 3 day Arts and Crafts Show.  I was tired after all was said and done, so Monday I did nothing at all.  Getting ready for a large show kinda leaves things undone at home.  Today I had to clean.  My daughter had piano students coming in the afternoon, and boxes and stuff were where they are not usually.

Fortunately I awoke feeling in the mood to clean. When in that mode,  I put on a CD or two.  The Best of Anita Baker is my CD of choice.  That CD is 80 minutes long.  When she's done so am I.  I put her on and start singing and cleaning. I get a lot done.

  My family hears Anita and they disperse.  I think it's because they think I'll put them to work.  Or, I guess, they could disperse because of my singing.  Either way they stay out of my way!

What motivates you to clean?  Do you clean to music?  Let me know!

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